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Dr. Myers partners with a variety of medical oncologists, radiation therapists, urologists, family practitioners, cardiologists, nurses, and social workers across the globe to execute a treatment strategy tailored for each patient.

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Your prostate cancer is as individual as you are. The key to your survival is finding an oncology center that will treat your specific kind of prostate cancer in a way that’s acceptable to you.

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Ask Dr Myers

Do you have a question about prostate cancer or its treatment? Here's how to ask Dr. Myers a question either through his popular Question-And-Answer Prostate Forum newsletter segments or through his Ask Dr. Myers blog.

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                                       AIDP – American Institute for Diseases of the Prostate

                                                                     An appointment with your oncologist is a stressful event, even if the news you receive is good. Meeting
                                                                   with that oncologist in a faceless sprawling center can make the experience even more daunting. That's why
                                                              we've designed AIDP to serve as a quiet retreat where you can meet privately with Dr. Myers in a peaceful
                                                  setting. Here at our rural center you and Dr. Myers will discuss at length the nature of your disease, the treatment
options available to you, and your own priorities. Sometimes the most aggressive and effective treatment brings side effects you may not be willing
to live with. Instead of pressuring you into a cookie-cutter like treatment, at AIDP we customize an approach that fits both your specific cancer and
your own needs‹all according to the latest scientific advances.

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