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Plan A Visit With Dr. Myers.


Whether you’ve just had your first high PSA reading or have been living with prostate cancer for decades, an appointment with AIDP is the first step toward a more proactive, positive approach to disarming your disease. Expect to spend several hours with Myers and the AIDP staff during your first meeting. Submitting all forms and supplementary material well before your initial appointment will ultimately make your time with Dr. Myers more productive.

To make an appointment with Dr. Myers, you can call his clinic directly at:
434-964-0212 (For appointments, press option #4).

AIDP Staff
Maxine Hey
Medical Assistant
Option #1

Amy Ogbomo
Prior Authorization and Insurance Specialist
Option #2

Pam Morris
Administrative Assistant
Option # 4

Michelle McCarthy
Practice Manager
Option # 7

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