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Ask Dr. Myers
Ask Dr. Myers

Last year, frustrated over the fact that our editorial calendar didn’t allow Dr. Myers to answer so many of the questions subscribers to Prostate Forum were mailing or e-mailing to us, Rivanna Health Publications decided to dedicate an issue or two of its newsletter solely to reader questions.
The response to those first few reader question issues was overwhelmingly positive.

We understand that many men, for both logistical and financial reasons, can’t make the trip to visit us in Virginia. We also understand that after you return home from a visit to our offices you may come up with a thousand other questions you forgot to address when you were sitting with Dr. Myers. Our Ask Dr. Myers column offers a chance for both patients and non-patients to have any and all questions they have answered. You can submit questions by filling out this form, or by emailing We can’t, of course, guarantee that we’ll answer every question that’s submitted. But if you adhere to our Submission Guidelines listed here, chances are you’ll see an answer in a future issue of the Prostate Forum or on our Ask Dr Myers blog.
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