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Improving Prostate Cancer Survival

Outreach – Clinical Trials

The crux of FCRE’s clinical goals involves a steadfast commitment to the research and discovery of programs that slow or stop the growth of prostate cancer and ultimately reduce the prostate cancer death rate with the least damage to the patient.

At the crux of FCRE’s endeavors is the clinical experience of Dr. Charles “Snuffy” Myers. Dr. Myers has spent the last five years tailoring the treatment of each prostate cancer patient he sees at his private clinic, the American Institute for Diseases of The Prostate. During this customization process, Dr. Myers has used all that he learned during his 40-year career in laboratory science and clinical medicine to develop a strategy for approaching prostate cancer treatment this is easy to articulate and currently ready for testing.

Underlying this strategy for approaching prostate cancer treatment is an understanding that prostate cancer is a highly variable disease that can range from highly aggressive and imminently life threatening within 12 months to a non-threatening cancer that may pose no problem to the patient for over 10 years even without treatment. There are three primary groups of prostate cancer patients, each of which require a different approach dictated by how aggressive their cancers are likely to be:

Those with slow-growing prostate cancer recurrent after radiation or surgery;
Those with fewer than 5 metastatic lesions;
Those with extensive metastatic disease.

FCRE’s goal is to develop treatment programs that match each cancer’s aggressiveness.

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