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Patients – Community Network

AIDP’s patients come from every corner of the globe and every walk of life. Some arrive at our doorstep after having failed other treatments or after being told that their cancers are hormone refractory. For some we’re the last resort. But for an increasing number, we’re the first stop in a terrifying journey they hoped they’d never take. Both those who have been recently diagnosed and those who have made the rounds of radiation therapists, urologists and medical oncologists seem to find us the same way: through other patients they meet in support groups, at conferences, in online forums, or in their local communities.

This ever-growing and vibrant community of prostate cancer survivors is an invaluable resource that AIDP both respects and wishes to nourish. (After all, when Dr. Myers was suffering from the side effects of hormonal therapy during his own treatment, the best advice he received about how to cope was from his fellow patients, not his colleagues.)

Many of our patients benefit from speaking to each other about their own cases as well as AIDP’s particular approach either during the course of treatment or before they even make their first appointment. To that end, we’ve developed a list of men willing to speak to others about Dr. Myers’ center, his philosophy on prostate cancer, and what its like working with AIDP. Contact us today by calling 434-964-0212 or e-mailing at to find a man from your region who can speak to you about his experiences working with Dr. Myers.
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