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Outreach – Donations

The competing priorities inherent to the development of clinical trials in this country make it hard to gauge the value of your investment in the future benefits of scientific research. For example, often times corporate pharmaceutical giants team with large not-for-profit organizations, creating certain conflicts of interest that don’t always benefit the patient. Further, the dollars spent on the principal investigators in industry-sponsored trials can range between $10k-20k per patient per trial, making it hard to tell where your dollars are going.

To further complicate things, while large not-for-profit organizations have the potential to create positive change on the large scale, they are not unlike large corporations. This means that working within a large infrastructure that has both regional and national chapters and employees who all need budgets for various programs and promotions can result in diluting the investment potential of your dollar to effect the specific change you want to make in the world of science.

When you donate to a small, well-oiled machine with specific goals and a more focused message like the Foundation for Cancer Research & Education you put your trust in a streamlined process that directly deposits your dollars into the programs you believe in. This means your hard-earned dollars help fund education programs for prostate cancer patients, outreach efforts to educate those at risk for developing prostate cancer, and cutting edge clinical trials that aim to slow or arrest prostate cancer growth in patients with low, mid and high-risk cancers while maintaining the patients’ quality of life as much as possible.

Unlike donations to large organizations your donation to FCRE makes a direct and visible impact on our ability to develop and implement our education and research efforts on behalf of all prostate cancers. Plus, you can actually see where your money is going rather than watch it disappear into a corporate-like infrastructure. Choosing to donate to our small but dynamic organization means choosing to fund actual programs rather than behemoth organizations burdened by red tape and inflated staff rosters.

Keep in mind that every donation to FCRE is appreciated and acknowledged, whether it’s a $25 or $250,000 gift. If you’d like to make a donation to FCRE, click here.

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