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Education Is The Key To Survival.

AIDP believes every patient should educate himself about prostate cancer prevention, staging, treatments, and treatment side effects whether he’s just been diagnosed or is struggling with advanced disease. It is simply not possible to make a wise decision about your own care if you’re not aware of the array of tools at your disposal. During the course of your appointments with Dr. Myers, he will, of course, discuss the options open to you given your type of cancer, but most men find it useful to refer to supplemental materials once they are back home either to reinforce what they learned at our offices or to delve deeper into a subject.

To that end, through our non-profit Foundation For Cancer Research & Education and for-profit Rivanna Health Publication endeavors, we offer a variety of materials such as brochures, books, a journal, and transcripts of Dr. Myers video blog that will help you learn all you can about this highly variable disease. But you shouldn’t stop there: there is a plethora of resources available to you both on and offline.
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