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Treating The Whole Patient, Not Just The Disease
Patients – New Patients

Your initial visit with Dr. Myers is by far the most critical: you’ll certainly discuss proper staging, any treatments you’ve already undergone, and the variety of options open to you. But more importantly, your first visit is a chance for you, your wife or partner, and Dr. Myers to openly discuss your lifestyle, what kinds of issues are most important to you and your family, and what limitations you’re under. Some men, for example, aren’t able or willing to travel to Virginia more than once a year. Others, for a variety of personal reasons, want to avoid certain treatment modalities like surgery. And finally, there are some men who are willing to do whatever it takes to rid their bodies of all cancer no matter how difficult the side effects and are anxious to adopt any diet or supplement regimen that promises to keep their cancers under control for decades to come. Dr. Myers approaches all of these life philosophies with the same respect and consideration.

Because this initial meeting covers more ground than any other follow-up visit, expect it to take upwards of two or more hours. The more background material you provide beforehand, the better able Dr. Myers will be to make effective use of that time.

Please download our New Patient Packet and return all forms to AIDP after you schedule your appointment. Include any supplemental materials you think will help Dr. Myers evaluate your case. Include any supplemental materials you think will help Dr. Myers evaluate your case.

How often you return to see us depends on a number of factors. Keep in mind that while we’re located in central Virginia, most of our patients are not state residents. In fact, more and more aren’t even from the United States. How does this work? Usually you need a local physician willing to work under our guidance. Dr. Myers essentially serves as a “general” who designs an overall treatment strategy to be executed by your local team. You’ll return to Charlottesville at least once a year so that we can review your treatment strategy and adapt it if necessary. If you have a severe prostate cancer or a very complex medical situation you may need to visit us more frequently. At the other end of the spectrum, if you’re on active surveillance you don’t need such close observation and aren’t at risk for a medical emergency triggered by your prostate cancer. In this case, we can usually directly manage your care without a local physician.
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