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Ask Dr. Myers – Patient Questions

Use this form to submit a question to the Ask Dr. Myers VLOG or the Prostatepedia newsletter only. If you are a current patient and have a question about your case, please DO NOT fill out this form but go directly to our secure patient portal and sign in.

We want to emphasize that the way you ask your questions is essential. If you’re asking about your own cancer, and not, for example, why Dr. Myers suggests prostate cancer patients avoid flaxseed, he needs enough information about your specific case to address it in an informative manner. Specifically, he needs to know what kind of prostate cancer you have and how extensive that cancer was at diagnosis. He also needs to know about each treatment in detail and what that treatment did to your PSA or other evidence of disease.

As you formulate your questions, please be sure to include as much of the following as possible:
What was your PSA at diagnosis and how fast was that PSA increasing?
What was your Gleason on biopsy?
If you had surgery what did the pathology of the prostate show? What was the Gleason and the extent of the disease—one side or both, through the capsule or not, invaded seminal vesicles or bladder neck, lymph nodes positive or negative, angiolymphatic or perineural invasion or not?
If you had surgery, what was the PSA 4-8 weeks afterward?
If you had radiation therapy as initial treatment was it 3D conformal, IMRT, or seeds? How low did your PSA go after radiation and how long did it take to get to the low point?
If you had hormonal therapy which specific drugs were used: Lupron, Zoladex, Trelstar or Eligard? Were Casodex, Avodart or Proscar used and if so, for how long?
If you have metastatic disease, is it painful or not? Where are the metastatic lesions?
For all patients, PSA doubling time is very, very important. Please estimate or provide Dr. Myers with a series of PSA levels so he can calculate.
Please mention if you have any other medical problems such as heart disease
Ask Dr. Myers
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