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Collaborate With Dr. Myers. Extend Your Services.

Both general practitioners and specialists in the United States and abroad have successfully partnered with AIDP to treat men with prostate cancer. In such partnerships, Dr. Myers will evaluate the patient, design an appropriate treatment strategy, and then work closely with the local physician via phone and e-mail to execute that strategy. How close that working relationship is ultimately depends on the nature of the individual patient’s cancer: if the man has advanced disease, you and AIDP may be in constant contact while the patient makes several trips a year to our Virginia center for review. If he is undergoing active surveillance and has a cancer that poses little threat to his overall health, that contact may be infrequent.

By partnering with Dr. Myers and his Charlottesville staff, you’ll benefit from the support of an internationally known medical oncologist to extend and augment the care you’re already giving your patients.

To find out more about how to partner with Dr. Myers or to refer a patient to our center, contact the AIDP office by calling 434-964-0212 ext. 4 or by e-mailing
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