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The Prostate Forum Bookstore.
Education – RHP: Newsletters & Books

Rivanna publishes innovative health books and periodicals for prostate cancer patients and their families.

The cornerstone of Rivanna Health Publications’ catalogue is their widely read prostate cancer newsletter the Prostatepedia Journal. In publication since June 1996, formerly under the name the Prostate Forum, and available in e-mail or printed formats, Prostatepedia Journal informs readers across the globe about prostate cancer prevention, proper staging, initial treatment, recurrence prevention, rare forms of prostate cancer, advanced disease, and how to deal with treatment side effects. The newsletter has recently evolved into a highly popular reader question format: anyone can submit a question on Rivanna’s website here.

Rivanna also offers a variety of books, including:

The New Prostate Cancer Nutrition Book
This updated and expanded version of Prostate Forum's 1999 nutrition guide discusses the science behind the diet Myers recommends for his prostate cancer patients. Includes hundreds of sumptuous and easy recipes.

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Beating Prostate Cancer
Hormonal Therapy and Diet outlines Myers’s approach to androgen blockade as either sole or adjunct treatment for prostate cancer. It also includes Myers’s most recent dietary and supplement recommendations.

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Flaxseed: Panacea or Poison
This booklet serves as a manifesto for Myers’s controversial recommendation that ALL men avoid flaxseed and flaxseed oil and instead obtain omega 3 fatty acids from fish, fish oil supplements, or the supplement Life’sDHA from Martek pharmaceuticals. Includes an in-depth discussion about how to interpret health reports.

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