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Customized Treatment. Personalized Care.
Patients – The AIDP Advantage

At AIDP, we adapt your prostate cancer treatment at each step of the journey from diagnosis and staging to treatment. We aim to keep you in remission for the remainder of your life and specialize in a tailored and flexible approach that attempts not only to prevent prostate cancer from killing you, but also to address any other common diseases you suffer from like heart disease, diabetes and other cancers.

By partnering with oncologists, urologists, cryotherapists, radiation therapists, and family practitioners in the United States and abroad, AIDP successfully treats men with both severe and slow-growing prostate cancers from as far away as Australia.

Unlike massive medical centers, you’ll never feel like a faceless patient here. Dr. Myers and his staff will personally spend many hours with you during your initial visit, during follow-up phone calls and e-mails, and follow-up visits closely monitoring your progress. Should you choose to consult with Dr. Snuffy Myers in conjunction with an oncologist in your local community, you’ll benefit from a cutting edge treatment strategy executed in your own region and managed by one of the leaders in prostate cancer treatment today. Should you choose to have your case managed and followed by Dr. Myers directly you’ll benefit from having a doctor known for keeping men in remission for many years personally guide your treatment.
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